Parenting,marriage…this stuff is hard!!

Can we all just take a deep breath and acknowledge that while we each love our children more than life itself there really are times when we stop for a moment and remember that time within our lives before we were drowning in debt,exhausted beyond belief and actually could enjoy time with our significant others? Now most of us have to plan every detail of our lives,we can’t just up and hop on an airplane to some beautiful destination,our spouses are equally exhausted and we don’t have boatloads of money to spend to just blow. That my friends is where the staycation comes in. Trust me,that little bit of time we can carve out as a couple is a sanity saver!! Its the happy feeling of being free all while remaining close enough to home where if something happens you can be there. My husband an I have been making this time together for years now.

So you’ve gotten the babysitter lined up,you’ve taken the time off of work but now you find yourself searching through countless hotel websites searching for something affordable,romantic and close to home but you sort of want to scream because while planning this staycation you still have to make dinner,the kids are arguing because someone looked at the other one the wrong way and the damned web pages aren’t listing the rooms your looking for and your about to give up….I feel your pain! I don’t think it makes much sense for hotels to have beautiful suites and then fail to advertise them or make booking them next to impossible. Isn’t the whole idea of having these rooms to garner business?  Or the great bait and switch which is where they put pictures up of one room,you think your booking that room and when you get to the hotel you find out that you had to call for and request that room specifically but not a single place on the booking webpage said anything about it. You also have to love,love getting to said hotel to find out that the images posted might have looked like the room you reserved five years ago but now its nothing less than a stained up carpet,dusty ass mess and you would happily run the other way but you have two days of alone time to spend with your spouse and you’ll be damned if any moment of that time is going to be spent trying to book another hotel room or waiting for the hotel cleaning staff to get off of their asses and do the job they should have done from the beginning. Its enough make you want to scream!

Okay so yes there are pages with pictures,reviews and they are amazing but who in the hell has the time to sort through all of that?  The reason I decided to write this blog is because I want to make this entire process easier. Since I don’t get to travel much more than a couple of hours from my home,this blog will be centered within Western,N.Y. and focus on affordable hotels that are nice,restaurants within the surrounding areas of the hotel as well as take out and pizzerias who will deliver to the hotels im suggesting.